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2d graphics fundamentals

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This short course covers basics of 2D-art and tools needed to start your education and career in computer graphics. You’ll go through Adobe Photoshop fundamentals and learn how to use brushes, layers and some other tools that professional concept artists use.

    All we learn by practice. This course contains not only theoretical lessons but tasks to practice your skills too. It is not complex at all but you will learn basic tools used in real work.
    Every lesson is a result of mindful approach to education. You get short lessons divided by specific topics.
    Once you sign up to the platform, you get invite to live chat for everybody like you. Our mentor gets into this chat sometimes too.


  • Understanding of 2D and 3D graphics.
  • The role of the artist concept in the pipeline.
  • Raster and vector graphics.
  • Basic color models, color depth.
  • Introducing Photoshop.
  • Interface, navigation, basic tools, layers and text.
  • The conception of color and light.
  • Color, saturation, lightness.
  • Basic color schemes, harmony of color.
  • Work with brushes, creating brushes.
  • Work with filters and blending modes.
  • Types of masking and their application in practice.

You will need this stuff for best experience in practice:

  • 01
    Adobe Photoshop installed.
  • 02
    Any graphics tablet is recommended but not necessary.
course mentor

Sergey Yaroshenko

Sergey hes got a Master Degree in Architecture but since University loved to draw. He works as a Environments and Characters Concept Artist for Gamedev and cartoons more than 10 years.